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Stop Procrastinating & Feeling Scattered & Unclear,
Breakthrough Mental Blocks & Take Action

Here's Exactly What You Get:

✅   Mindset Mastery Video Library 📚

✅  Access to step-by-step tools 🔧

✅ Monthly Live 🔴 Application Class - Master Your Application of the Demartini Method

✅ Monthly Live 🔴 Mindset Masterclass 

✅Community of Growth-Minded Students 

 ✅ Cancel Anytime- 100% Risk FREE

Who is it for?

Mindset Mastery is designed for anyone with the desire to better understand themselves, to better understand how their mind works and for those interested in expediting growth and empowering all areas of their life.

What is it?

Mindset Mastery is an Online Human Behaviour
and Self Mastery Course.

Think of it as a user manual for your mind, designed to Empower all 7 areas of your life: Spiritual Awareness, Mindset, Business/Career, Wealth, Social Leadership/Influence, Relationships/Family and your Physical Health. 

How Does it work?

 1️⃣ Each month we cover a different area of Personal Development and Mindset.

2️⃣ Once per week you are invited to a live mindset Masterclass covering topics such as: Personal Development, Mindset, Relationships, Wealth, Leadership, Performance, Mindfulness, Business & Spirituality.

3️⃣ Once per week you are invited to a live Demartini Method ®️ Application Class to dissolve your mental blocks & stress and bring clarity and certainty to your life.

Some of The Outcomes of Mindset Mastery

Empower all 7 Areas of Your Life

Wheel of Life II

Spiritual Mission - Mental Genius - Inspired Business - Financial Wealth -

Social Leadership - Family & Relationships - Physical Health 

When you apply what you learn in Mindset Mastery, these are some of the possibilities for you...

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Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 6.46.19 pm.png
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Discover or Become More Aware of Your Purpose & Life Mission

🧭 Identify your Life Mission & Purpose, the more you know yourself,

the more certainty, presence and power you have as a human being.

🧠  Free yourself from procrastination, self-sabotage and negative self-talk

Become More Focused & Present.
🚫 Eliminate brain noise, stress and dissipated energy.

🎭 Learn how to systematically dissolve prolonged emotional states

of depression/anxiety/grief/resentment/anger/guilt & shame

☯️  Become a calmer, more certain, more focused version of yourself.

 Increase Your Financial Wealth


💰 Create a greater internal drive to earn money, the more you value wealth, 

the more financial opportunities you will notice that you would otherwise overlook.

💎 Identify the form in which you are already storing intrinsic wealth and convert it into financial wealth.

This one section alone will more than cover the cost of your investment in Mindset Mastery.


Create Greater Respect, Appreciation & More Fulfilment in Relationships.

❤️ Develop a greater appreciation for your partner and a more fulfilling relationship.

💔 Clear past Relationship Baggage that may be Blocking you from Creating new Relationships.

💲 Master your communication and learn how to speak and sell to anyone.

 Learn how to Structure your Business so you are doing what you love each day.

💼 Become more fulfilled and engaged in your business/career.

🔋 Identify your competitive business/career advantage where you operate at 100% of your potential.

🔗 Dissolve Procrastination in business by linking, chunking & delegating lower priority work

Dissolve Fears and Emotional Charges that Hold You Back.

👴🏻 Your emotional charges and mental blocks create tension in your body and prematurely age you.

🧰 You will learn the most effective tools in the world for clearing mental blocks and emotional charges.

😌  Feel liberation from past traumas that previously restricted you and held you back.

Awaken Your Leadership and Grow your Influence
🪞 Own the traits that you admire in the greatest leaders in the world and take them off the pedestal.

📖 Dissolve subordination to authorities and become the author of your own life.   

👁 Discover a greater vision for yourself.

Here's what's Included in the Program:

Mindset Mastery Library

Each month we cover a new topic in the field of Personal Development and Mindset such as:

Purpose, Perception, Mental Health, Wealth, Relationships, Leadership, Spirituality & more.

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Access to step-by-step tools designed to empower each area of your life.

Included in your program is access to a series of online tools designed to discover life purpose, dissolve mental blocks, prioritise your time, develop leadership, strengthen relationship bonds and enhance vitality.  

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Live Monthly Demartini Method™️
Application Classes on Zoom

Master your application of the world's leading mindset transformation tool the Demartini Method,™️ learn the refinements & subtleties of this transformational method to breakthrough any aspect of your personal or professional life.

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Live Monthly Mindset Education Classes on Zoom

Every Tuesday evening at 7 pm we go live in Zoom focusing on your self-development and mastering all areas of your life.

Community of Growth Minded Students

You will gain access to an exclusive group of growth-minded individuals. 

This is an intimate group of personal development and self-mastery students dedicated to mastering every area of life.

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Mindset Mastery Library

Master a different area of life and mindset every month...

Mission Mastery.png

Month 1:

Mission Mastery 🙏

Do you say you are going to do something and then not follow through on it? 


You will discover and/or strengthen your understanding of yourself and why you do what you do, allowing you to access more life force and vital energy.☯

Perception Mastery.png

Month 2:

Perception Mastery 👁

It's not what happens to you in life, rather it's how you perceive what happens to you that matters.

You will gain a greater understanding of how perception works and you will be given the tools that enable you to change your perception at will.

Mental Health Mastery 🎭

Mental Health Mastery.png

Month 3:

Learn how to handle your emotions better and actually understand the feedback that each emotion is giving you.

Imagine having a framework to decode your emotions and the tools to handle stress so well that you look 10 years younger.

Month 1:

Mission Mastery Artwork.png

Mission Mastery 🙏

Do you sometimes tell yourself you are going to do something and then end up beating yourself up when you don’t follow through on it?

Do feel scattered and unclear, listless or unmotivated? 

The more unclear you are on what drives you the more you will waste your time attempting to do things in life or in your business that you think are important to you, only to be constantly distracted and pulled off focus ultimately leading to frustration and futility. 

The more aware you are of your life purpose, the more you will understand yourself and why you behave the way that you do and the less you will beat yourself up with negative self-talk.


In Mission Mastery you will be taken through a series of exercises designed to discover and/or strengthen your awareness of your life purpose and why you do what you do, allowing you to access more life force and vital energy.☯

Month 4:

Wealth Mastery.png

Wealth Mastery 💵

You could learn all sorts of financial strategies that could generate millions of dollars but they would all be useless to you if you don't apply them. 

In wealth mastery, you will learn how to increase your value of wealth so that you can actually hold onto and grow your wealth.

Relationship Mastery ❤️

Relationship Mastery.png

Month 5:

Develop a powerful relationship and a greater respect and bond between yourself and your partner.

You will learn the art of communication and linking your partner's values with your own.

Imagine being able to create a strong bond and connection with your parents, siblings, business partners, clients, colleagues and everyone in your life!

Month 6:

Leadership Mastery 🗣 

Leadership Mastery.png

Maximise your Leadership & influence.

You will learn how to concentrate your energy and focus to live an empowered life and make a difference in the world.   


Month 7:

Spiritual Mastery ☯️  

Your spirituality is what inspires you, the intangible life force that animates your physical body. The thing that gives you meaning and purpose.

Your energy attracts and repels different people, circumstances and events into your life, learn in a real grounded way about the energetics and dynamics that you attract and repel and how you can change your energy to change these dynamics..

Month 8...

Mindset Mastery  Student Transformations

David Storer

"The results just speak for themselves... I've gone from being a very unfulfilled bachelor to now being in a beautiful loving and fulfilling relationship.

From darting all around jobs to being hyper focused on one and now getting the results for it"

Pamela Stanley

"It's not about what happens to you it's how you look at it, because when you are able to look at it differently your life will change, I can guarantee that because I am the living proof of it"

Mindset Mastery is not for You if...

 Satisfaction Guarantee 

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You will learn things in Mindset Mastery that you won't get anywhere else.

If for whatever reason you feel like you didn't get value from the program let us know and we will refund your first month in full.

❌  Mindset Mastery is not for everyone.

This course is about taking responsibility for and empowering each area of your life, it will give you a Major Advantage in life but, not everyone will be ready for this information.

❌  Mindset Mastery will confront some of your current beliefs about the world and the power that you have to impact it. It is not for those who are easily offended or are not ready for the truth of their reality.

Testimonials & Growth

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- Dr John Demartini 
Top Human Behavior Specialist of the Year 2020 (IAOTP) 

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Your Perspective of Life is about to change forever...

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If you love learning about Personal Development, Mindset & Human Behaviour, this will be the best $59 Investment you will ever make...

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✅   Mindset Mastery Video Library 📚

✅  Access to step-by-step tools 🔧

✅ Monthly Live 🔴Application Class -          Master Your Application of the Demartini Method

✅ Monthly Live 🔴Mindset Masterclass 

✅Community of Growth-Minded Students 👥👥

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