What Do I Do?

I am a mindset coach.

One of the first things that I get asked when I meet people is what exactly does that mean?


Do I sit on a couch and listen to people's’ problems and then charge for the privilege? 

Do I tell people to practice positive thinking or tell people to go and exercise when they are stressed?


I do none of the above.


While there are lots of ways to deal with stress and the side effects of stress what I do identifies and deals with the root cause of the issue in the first place, your perception.


Everyone has a unique set of priorities or values in their life.


Whenever we are doing what is most important to us,

our highest value, we are engaged, have an abundance of energy,

we are focused, we remember things in that area and we excel there,

we could be called a genius in that area because we have meaning

and purpose.


When we are engaged in doing what is most meaningful to us,

we embrace both challenge and support equally. We want to take on

and solve greater challenges and we don’t have time for breaks.


Whenever we are doing things that are of low importance, or our

lowest values (often things that we think we ‘should’ or are ‘supposed to’

do) we get tired, can’t be bothered, don’t want to know about it,

don’t find time for it and we are an ‘idiot’ in that area.


Whenever we are doing these low priority things we want to avoid

what is challenging and seek what is easy. When we lack meaning in life

we will then go and seek immediate gratification through ‘quick fix’

addictive behaviours like eating, drugs, drinking and sex.


With this methodology in mind, I work with each individual at their level

by asking them a series of specific questions to bring balance to

their perception and find meaning in their life.

Andy Campbell Demartini Method Facilitator