Everything you do in life is done through the medium of your mind.

If you don’t learn how your mind works, how can you master your life?

Mindset coaching can help you to overcome any form of challenge that may be holding you back from reaching your true potential.

 You are here on this planet for a very short time, my job is to give you the tools to master your mind so you can focus your energy on doing your thing,

whatever that is.

It may be an emotional setback like depression or grief, a business challenge that you need help to navigate, a sports performance plateau or maybe you just feel stuck or want to get clearer on your life purpose.


Carlee Kupke, Adelaide SA

"Andy's knowledge and understanding of his work is incredible.

He had a flexible approach and intuitively worked with me at my level.

Thanks so much Andy, I really appreciate everything you have done for me over the last few months.

I feel more balanced, free and living a more fulfilling life."


Natascha Op de Hipt, Sydney NSW

"Before working with Andy I got annoyed about the different interests between my boyfriend and me. We had more and more arguments and I even started to question the whole relationship.

While working with him he made me realise that everything has its benefits and drawbacks and I experienced a feeling of inner peace.
He empowered me through his professional coaching approach to see my relationship from a different perspective. I also started to understand my partner and his behaviour better.

As a result of his coaching, everything that annoyed me before doesn't affect me any longer and our relationship transformed to another level.
I have this amazing feeling of inner peace and acceptance and feel happier in all areas of my


Corinne Hui, Melbourne VIC

Andy really transformed my thinking surrounding relationships!

 I was going through a really messy time and he shifted my thinking and actually helped me realize that everything has an equal and opposite pull - that being polarized one way means you need to find balance to move back to centre again through a series of questions that I answered with his guidance.

Through his genuine intent to help me find clarity and understand how to overcome this imbalance in energy I've been able to free myself and live with so much more alignment and balance!


 It's such a beautiful thing to be able to live like this!

Thank you for this transformation Andy!!!

You have forever changed my life!


Carlo Cirillo,

Melbourne VIC

Just like being in the gym, you need a goal.

But you also need a coach or trainer who knows how to make a plan for success, the right technique and adjustments to do it most efficiently to get the best results.

Andy is not only a talented coach but also a great human which makes his transformational wisdom adaptable to anyone's life. Highly recommend!


Laith Al-Hasani,

Melbourne, VIC

"Andy helped me tremendously with gaining clarity about how to approach my relationships by helping me to identify areas of my life that I was previously completely unaware of that were holding me back more than I realised through his breakthrough session.

I highly recommend Andy for anyone who feels there's a block somewhere they are unable to pinpoint and are both ready and serious about takings their relationships to the next level

 Thank you!"


"Working with Andy has flooded my life with possibilities I never knew or believe were possible for me.

I have grown to understand myself and the world around me so much better and that has greatly influenced every aspect of my life.

The perspective shifts as well as the processes he worked through with me, and the knowledge/awarenesses I have learned are priceless and continue to provide so much value to my life that leave me feeling so incredibly grateful.

Choosing to work with Andy was a pivotal point in my life and it feels so liberating to continue to have a safe space where I can share everything without judgement and walk away with a new perspective and peace of mind."


Veronica Ford,

Melbourne, VIC

"Well I must say I was very surprised by my conversation with Andy.
I have never replied to anything like this on Facebook.

But lately, I have been struggling.

I thought I would take a leap.

I am so so glad I did.

Andy really opened my eyes about my situation.

He made a huge difference in just one call.

Thank you for your time and wisdom. I greatly appreciated it!"


David Storer,

Bali, Indonesia

Super knowledgeable guy.

What I loved most is how present he was in all of our sessions.


I could tell every time that Andy was 100% invested in our session which allowed me to get so much more out of the experience and experience higher levels of transformation.


David Zalitis,

Melbourne, VIC

 Before I had a chat with Andy, I had some issues in my life that I had long left overdue for action.

He gave me the confidence to approach them head-on.

His teachings in life whereby just changing these little things and effectively communicating astounded me at just how much better I felt after I learnt how to better shape my thinking patterns.

It was also such a weight off my shoulders to finally understand the reasons for my procrastination. 

Finally I’d just love to say how much of a positive influence Andy has been on me, I’m always striving for betterment in life and I’m very glad that we met where and when we did.

I can truly see that he is so passionate in learning how to best help people and it shows in how he conducts himself: he listens without interruption; he’s attentive to my words and provides clarity where I ask it of him and has such a pool of wisdom to draw from.


Grayson Fernandes, Melbourne, VIC

"Andy worked with me to resolve one of the hidden root causes that was running my life. It was a struggle on my part to clear this being a “big” charge for me.


However, Andy was diligent and persisted, by bringing me on track. He picked me on my diversions and kept me focused on the charge.

What impressed me with Andy was willing to think outside the box, to ensure maximum results, which I achieved in the session."


Kate, Sydney, NSW

Andy Campbell = ‘blockage breaker extraordinaire!’ 

Through our sessions, Andy helped me tackle a story I had buried for almost 20 years. Without really wanting to acknowledge it, it's one that ruled the way I lived day in and out and regularly haunted my daily thought patterns. It made me automatically cast doubt in times when I should have exuded confidence.

Andy’s approach throughout our sessions, in particular the initial one, was methodical, rational and exceptionally non-judgmental. 

6 months on from the initial session, I am feeling like I have truly crossed a bridge. The memories no longer ‘haunt’ my daily thoughts and even if they do cross my mind, I reflect and sometimes smile at the lessons I have learned from it and how it has shaped who I am today.


 I feel a strange mental freedom never experienced in my adulthood until now.

I strongly encourage anyone who has the opportunity to work with Andy to do so, without even hesitating!



Jessica Robin Anwyl, Melbourne, VIC

"I really enjoy working with Andy.

Not only because he gets results, but because he makes the process fun!


Before working with him I struggled to fully own my value and to give myself permission to do what I love, unapologetically.


But now, after working with him I can do what I want without guilt or shame, just pure excitement!"