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How we feel is a choice!

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Andy Campbell Coaching was created to show people that we literally have a choice about how we feel at any point in time.

It's about changing your perception.

It's not about what happens to us, it's our perception of what happens that matters.

It may come as a shock to some people but the feelings of grief, depression, anger, resentment, or the feeling that we miss someone are simply feedback to the mind,

Remaining in these states for any extended period of time is completely unnecessary.

So why are so many of us caught in these emotional states every day?

Simply because we have never been told otherwise, we never knew that there was an option, we grew up in an environment where people struggled with these emotional states so we believe that it’s normal and we don’t question it.

For example:

In Greece when someone dies it is tradition to wear black and grieve their death for months or even years, in central America on the other hand when someone dies they wear coloured shirts and celebrate the life of the deceased.

So which is it, grief or celebration?

The truth is that it’s both.

I ask people every day, “Would you agree that everything in life has both a ‘positive’ and a ‘negative’ side to it? A light side and a dark side, a yin and yang?

And you can’t get one without the other?”

95% of people answer yes, they agree with the above statement.

Then I ask them if everything has both a positive and a negative to it, this thing or event that you are assuming is terrible, how is it a benefit to you?

How does it serve you?

What would happen if you asked yourself this question next time you are grieving, depressed, angry, resentful or missing someone?

How is what I’m seeing in the way actually helping me?

How is it on the way?

If everything has both sides we only need to take the time to look.

For example:

I was working with a man in his late 20s who got kicked out of home when he was 18 and he was very resentful towards his father.

I asked him, how does it serve you, how is it a benefit?

Originally he said that it didn’t serve him, because he was only conscious of the negative

After a bit of digging we found that he is now earning his own living, has become independent and an entrepreneur while his brother still living at home, has become dependent on his parents.

The moment you change your perception on the inside, the outer world changes.

This client who came to me resentful of his father and holding onto anger for many years all of a sudden realised the gift his father had given him.

"Change your perception, change your life."

Any time we feel an emotion we are only seeing half the picture because in truth everything has both sides.

We only need to ask ourselves the right question and take the time to look.

If we are feeling negative we are only seeing half the picture, the negative side, if we are feeling positive we are only seeing half the picture, the positive side, but if we can see both sides at the same time then we are grateful because we see the truth.

Remember, no matter what you are going through you can breakthrough it!

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