Relationship Challenges

Move on from a relationship breakup. 

If they are taking up space and time in your mind, they are still running you because you are seeking or avoiding them, balance your mind and take back your power.

Resolve relationship issues.

If you are walking on eggshells around your partner or if you find yourself in constant arguments with them or you are not able to be yourself around them.

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Relationship Blog Posts


Corinne Hui, Melbourne

Andy really transformed my thinking surrounding relationships!

 I was going through a really messy time and he shifted my thinking and actually helped me realize that everything has an equal and opposite pull - that being polarized one way means you need to find balance to move back to centre again through a series of questions that I answered with his guidance.​

It's such a beautiful thing to be able to live like this!

Thank you for this transformation Andy!!!

You have forever changed my life!

Natascha Opt De Hipt, Sydney

Before working with Andy I got annoyed about the different interests between my boyfriend and me.

We had more and more arguments and I even started to question the whole relationship.

While working with him he made me realise that everything has its benefits and drawbacks and I experienced a feeling of inner peace.

He empowered me through his professional coaching approach to see my relationship from a different perspective.

I also started to understand my partner and his behaviour better.

As a result of his coaching, everything that annoyed me before doesn't affect me any longer and our relationship transformed to another level.

Laith Al Hasani, Melbourne

Andy helped me tremendously with gaining clarity about how to approach my relationships by helping me to identify areas of my life that I was previously completely unaware of that were holding me back more than I realised through his breakthrough session.

Andy is an incredible soul who is genuine, sincere and trustworthy and when it comes to relationships he is exactly the kind of person you can comfortably go to and ask anything you need help with.

I highly recommend Andy for anyone who feels there's a block somewhere they are unable to pinpoint and are both ready and serious about takings their relationships to the next level

 Thank you!